Exodus of the Xandim

exodusReleased the 16th May 2013

Tides turn, winds change… Beneath the shadow of impending war, old alliances are shattered and new friendships forged as Corisand, the Shaman of the Xandim, continues her fight to save her people…

The shapeshifting Xandim were enslaved in equine form by Hellorin, Lord of the Phaerie, to be steeds for his people, but their shaman Corisand has vowed to free them. She and the Wizard Iriana have succeeded in winning the Fialan, the powerful Stone of Fate, from the magical dimension of the Elsewhere, but will it be enough to release the Xandim?

With their comrades scattered, their plans gone awry and the threat of conflict growing between the Phaerie and the Wizard races, Corisand and Iriana must battle treachery, find their missing companions and race against time to reach the Phaerie city of Eliorand and the imprisoned Xandim.The future hangs in the balance…

Can the Xandim be freed before the Wizards unleash war upon the Phaerie?

Will Hellorin’s daughter Tiolani prove to be friend or traitor?

Can Corisand’s lost companions, Taine and Aelwen, right an ancient wrong?

But the threat of evil draws ever closer . . .

As they make for the Phaerie city with all speed, Corisand and her allies are unaware that if they succeed in their mission, they stand in danger of unleashing a threat so terrible that it will change the face of the world forever.

Who will find their hearts’ desire?

Who will lose their lives?

This new series, CHRONICLES OF THE XANDIM, sees Maggie Furey returning to the world of AURIAN and the genesis of the ARTEFACTS OF POWER.


Published 2013

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